Investment in stock and commodity market are subject to market risk. We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and Providing the Services of Equity & Commodity Market to our Client. We are Not Offering any D-mat services.    Do not trade in any calls without stop loss. Do not trade on any telephonic calls. If any executive try to give you such calls then let us know on this number: 9039777700.

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Classic Future

We offer the Classic Future Package which the accurate tips for trading stocks in our future segment are provided by the veteran team. The stock future service is for regular customers, but the classic future service is tailored for our high net worth customers and traders, who get into the market with at least an investment of Rs.1, 00,000 or more. The team of Money Classic Research offers free trails to investors, so that they can check the legitimacy of our calls. We promote our HNI clients to trade at stock futures and strive to maintain best accuracy with this package. As the market embraces lot of risk, hence you need recommendations from our firm before investing in the stock market with a huge sum of money. This would help you to trade the market safely and securely.

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Classic Future by Money Classic Research

Within Classic Future package, we help you by offering the best Intraday Future Stocks Tips with the help of our technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Our dedicated team of technical analysts does the research of proper trading strategies and makes use of stop loss strictly. All the highly active day traders will definitely get the benefit from our Intraday Future Tips calls right from the comfort of their office or home with the help of messenger service. We offer live trading calls on your mobile through SMS. Thus we are able to communicate profit from every short term fluctuation in the market to our customers. We ensure that none of our client misses any trading opportunity. Our HNI investors could avail service and make the best use of our technical analysis to gain profits from our trading tips. We are pioneer in offering tips for HNI Traders and Brokers based on clear technical analysis as they deal with huge money.

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Our Integrities

  • We would offer 10-15 calls in a month and all our calls are completely intraday calls.
  • All our calls and recommendations are made as accurate as possible.
  • We might hold some calls for few days, based on the recommendations by our technical analysis team.
  • We offer only one target and only one call would be open at a time to avoid tensions.
  • We afford proper follow up and recommendations for every call we make.
  • Apart from calls, we offer service through SMS and yahoo chat as well
  • Our calls would feature entry, exit, and modification; trailing, book profit messages services and we offer complete tracking till the end of the call.
  • Free trails are afforded as well to help you gain confidence with our service.
  • Our classic future services are for HNI traders and therefore we require a minimum investment to be 40,000 and above.

Why Money Classic Research?

  • Well recognized advisory firm
  • Extensive range of customized solutions
  • Years of wealth creation proficiency
  • Comprehensive quality research from best technical analysts of industry
  • Huge Client base

Medium of Calls

  • We offer calls through high speed SMS gateway or Instant Messenger.
  • All GSM & CDMA Networks are covered over India.
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