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MCX PAY 15000/- 35000/- 60000/- 100000/- HIGH RISK
CLASSIC MCX PAY 25000/- 60000/- 95000/- 140000/- HIGH RISK
NCDEX PAY 8000/- 20000/- 30000/- 50000/- HIGH RISK
CLASSIC NCDEX PAY 15000/- 35000/- 60000/- 1,00000/- HIGH RISK
MCX + NCDEX PAY 20000/- 50000/- 70000/- 100000/- HIGH RISK
BASE METAL + ENERGY PAY 10000/- 25000/- 40000/- 60000/- HIGH RISK
CLASSIC HNI PAY NA 100000/- 200000/- 350000/- HIGH RISK

Metric data as of May 24, 2017

Live Your Dreams

We know that every investor and trader is different. Thus we have individually trained experts, who are specialized in understanding the need of our clients. Before we offer you any service, it is our prime duty to understand what the need of our client is.


We Stand Out From Crowd

We provide you a platform that allows you to get huge returns by trading. With the help of latest technology and tools, we offer you the accurate calls and recommendation based on our research. We know the worth of your money, hence we ensure to provide the world-class services at best price.

Our Availability is Round a Clock

We are available round a clock. We pass-on information through the edge cutting technologies that allows you to be in touch with us throughout the day and keeps you in the know.


Support that Makes You Feel Good

Our latest videos, webcasts, and articles keeps you updated and boost your confidence in the subject of stock market. We cover all the important topics on popular investing and trading topics for all levels of experience. This helps you in making good start of trading right away.

The Money Classic Research Difference

All our services come with the backing of value, support, and knowledge that gives you more than a technical edge.

No Extra Charges

Unlike other financial advisory firms, there are no hidden charges.

Knowledgeable support

Hit the Market with the expert advice of our analysts. Stay tuned with our onboarding resources and support.

Exclusive Education

Sharpen your trading skills with the interactive resources on topics like future, forex, options and more.