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Penny stock services

Penny stock servicesSubscribe our Penny Stock Service and get the list of hot penny stocks. Penny stocks are stocks that trade outside of the major market exchanges at a relatively low price. Best Penny stocks have a small market capitalization. Usually, these stocks are considered highly speculative and high risk because of their lack of liquidity. We post penny stocks list every week. Penny stocks have small capitalization and limited following as well as disclosure. We ensure to provide a full research report on each stock. We also make sure that over 90% of our picks are listed on either BSE or NSE.

We mainly focus on penny stocks that have actual earnings. Our dedicated team of professionals analyzes the stocks on all grounds may be its fundamental, technical, news or any other factor and then offers the accurate stock market tips. Thus, we are able to give you, what we claim. We recommend penny stocks to buy those have earnings breakouts and have volume so that you can get out when you want. Penny stocks are on fewer prices and have potential to go up to give at least 20 – 30 % return. We ensure that every stock recommended by us will give you 20 – 30 % return.

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How We Work

As we know that the penny stocks are so speculative, so we ensure that you keep any position no more than 5% of your account. So that if any one of them go south in a hurry, it will not demolish your account. The technical analysts of Money Classic Research provide the bunch of 5 – 10 stocks that have capability to give you the desired return on quarterly basis. You can check our track record of offering best penny stocks, which have benefitted many of our clients in past.

Our team also provides various value-added services like review of company’s profile. Due to our huge network and plenty of resources, we are able to offer you the recommendations about risk and returns along with best-in-class services of offering stock cash tips. Our main objective to offer Penny stock recommendation service is to provide a data supported analysis to the investors that help them in making decision regarding the penny stock investment.

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Our Functions:

  • We offer 5- 10 stocks on quarterly basis.
  • We ensure to inform you about such penny stocks that give you 20 – 30 % return.
  • We put all efforts to make our calls and recommendations accurate.
  • On the grounds of fundamental analysis and technical analysis, we analyze the penny stocks.
  • We offer proper follow up and recommendations.
  • You can check our track record of offering best penny stocks, which have benefitted many of our clients in past.

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  • We offer calls through high speed SMS gateway or Instant Messenger.
  • All GSM & CDMA Networks are covered over India.
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