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Top 3 Money-Making Strategies for Next 21 Sessions

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Top 3 Money-Making Strategies for Next 21 Sessions

It was observed that the domestic equity market ended flat for the previous week. On 16 February, it was stated that the Nifty closed 0.03 percent down at 10,452, while on 09 February, it closed down at 10,454.

Talking about BSE Sensex, on 16 February, it gained 0.01 percent to end the week at 34,010, while on 09 February, it was at 34,005 on February 9. As per weekly charts, it can be gauged that the narrow range. In which the index traded through the week gone by has resulted in an Inside Bar formation.

Believing the experts, It is said that the momentum indicators on various time frames are in line with the bearish expectation. Following are 10 stock strategies that will definitely deliver solid gains over the next 21 sessions.

Amara Raja Batteries

You must buy this stock at Target price of Rs 940 and at Stop loss of Rs 760. As per some veteran experts. It is said that the stock has started a fresh rising leg from the low of 720. Investors should buy the stock at the current market price. Do not forget to put a stop loss at Rs 760.

Godfrey Phillips

This is again a buy but at a target price of Rs 1,015. Do not forget to put a Stop loss of Rs 820. It is observed that this stock has been forming a contracting triangle in the bigger picture. The technical analysts say that it owns a multi-year pattern started from Dec 2015. At present, the price is said to be on the last leg of the triangle i.e. “wave e” in the chart. Veteran experts believe that the stock has the fair potential to make new life high in the long run. You can initiate the short term buying at a current market price, added in dips to Rs 850 for the upside target of Rs 1,015 over the next 2-3 weeks. Keep the stop loss at Rs 820.

JSW Steel

Buy JSW at Target price of Rs 349. Set the Stop loss at Rs 300.

Currently, the market conditions are uncertain, but this counter seems to register new lifetime highs. It is said that it has decoupled itself and can move higher based on its own inherent strength. For this reason, it is suggested to all investors that you should go along with a stop loss at Rs 300 and an initial target of Rs 349.

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