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List of Stocks to Buy and Sell

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List of Stocks to Buy and Sell


It is expected 13-14% revenue CAGR over next 3-5 years, RoCE at 50%, and most of FCF to be distributed back to shareholders. Hence, you must buy CRISIL at the target of Rs 2241.

Buy Phoenix Mills

The Phoenix Mills, the largest mall developer in the country, won the bid of acquisition of a mall in Indore. The company is believed to generate net cash flow of Rs 25-30 bn in upcoming 5-6 years. The company will be using this fund for the growth of its services. Hence, you must buy Phoenix Mills at target of Rs 707

Buy Suprajit Engineering

This is India’s leading company that design and manufacture a wide range of control cables for marquee automotive, non-automotive manufacturers. Suprajit has consistently outperformed industry on revenue/EBITDA CAGR over the past decade. While maintaining RoCE at ~30% With capacity in place. The company is well placed to capitalize on growth opportunities. Go over buy with target price of Rs 326.

Buy Endurance Technologies

Endurance Technologies is one of India’s leading automotive component manufacturing companies. FY18-20 earnings CAGR of 34% are expected. You must buy Endurance Technologies with a target price of Rs 1,540.

Sell Power Grid

This is an electric utility company based in India.  Technical analysts have come out with an opinion to Sell Power Grid with a stop loss at Rs 193 for a target at Rs 186.

Buy Mindtree 

This is multinational information technology and outsourcing company based in India. Buy MindTree with a stop loss at Rs 730 for a target at Rs 756.

To know further about the buying and selling stocks, you can subscribe the services of Money Classic Research. It is probably the best advisory firm that ensures to provide nine out of ten calls accurate. However, if you want to analyze the trend on your own. Then you can make use of some technical indicators to study the market. One of the most commonly used technical indicators implemented by technical analysts to generate accurate intraday trading tips is Absolute Breadth Index. The Absolute Breadth Index is not a standard volatility measurement tool but still the technical analysts frequently implement this technical indicator. This indicator was invented by Norman G. Fosback. Which is used to measure the volatility levels in the market. This is a momentum indicator and is calculated by subtracting the absolute values of declining issues from advancing issues.

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