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List of Stocks to Buy In This Navratri

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List of Stocks to Buy In This Navratri

Here are the stocks that you need to buy in this week.

PI Industries

It is one of the leading companies making products related to the crop-protection industry. The company operates in two segments: agriculture inputs, and contract manufacturing and custom synthesis. A strong domestic product pipeline, scheduled to be launched until FY22, and an order book of custom synthesis and manufacturing segment work in its favor.


In the current environment, HDFC Bank stands out for its healthy asset quality, stable margins, consistent performance, and high-quality management. Also, the bank’s high share of retail loans and increasing investments in technology are expected to enhance total revenues and market share.

Petronet LNG

India’s largest regasification company Petronet LNG is expected to benefit from a few factors that would enhance its earnings. First, the company’s much-awaited Kochi-Mangaluru pipeline is expected to be completed by December 2018. This should boost the Kochi terminal’s regasification utilization.

A large number of people try to invest in the stock market and they are always on the lookout for some sure shot way or some strategy. However, investments are always associated with risks but there are some steps which can be taken to make the stock market investment much safer and with low chances of loss. Few ways which minimize risks and are for a safer stock market investors are mentioned below.

Traders must decide the purpose of investing in the stock market. If one wants to have a regular income out of the investment or one wants to have a growth in the investment.

You must also check the fundamentals of major companies and try to invest in the companies which provide regular dividends. Also, choose the companies which provide regular dividends as this will reduce the risk of investments.

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