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Facts of Stock Markets That Every Investor Must Know

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Facts of Stock Markets That Every Investor Must Know

Investing in Financial Markets seems to be the most attractive way to multiply the Money. Investing in Stock Market, Forex Market and Commodity market includes all the taxes directly deducted from the brokerage account. Thus, if it turns out to be a profitable venture in the Financial market, It will lead to the expansion of the investor’s  money.

Here we will look at the facts related to Indian Stock market for a profitable venture to increase the money:

Things You Should Know About Indian Stock Market

  • The Equity Averse: Indians are immensely equity averse. Only 1.2 percent of the Indian household financial savings are openly invested in shares.  This is equal to a pathetic figure of 2.5 Billion dollars for the whole Indian household population.
  • Inflows v/s Outflows: In a particular month, Foreign Institutional Investors invested $8.89 Billion in the Indian stock markets.  During the same period, domestic institutions like mutual funds, insurance companies etc, sold around $4 Billion worth of entities.
  • Exchanges: The 2 main stock exchanges for Equity Trading in India are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. BSE is considered as the oldest stock exchange in Asia and claims to have the biggest number of listed companies in the world. However, of the 8900 scrips listed, only about a third are traded every day.
  • The volume of trading: The daily turnover in the Equity Cash segment of the National Stock Exchange is around $3 billion. And that of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is around half a billion dollars.
  • Derivatives Trading: The National Stock Exchange has a domination in the Equity Derivatives market. It ranks very high in the global rankings for the number of contracts traded – Second in Stock Index Options, Third in Stock Index Futures and third in Single Stock Futures.  The daily turnover in the derivatives segment is near about $30 Billion.
  • Around 70 percent of the trading volume is done by the top hundred brokers.

The above facts will help you to understand the Indian Stock Market and will help you to invest wisely to increase your money. In case you have decided to invest in Indian Stock Market for multiplying and expanding your money base. Take help of Money Classic Research, a reputed advisory firm to help you out on how to increase your money legally.

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