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Why Day Trading is More Preferable Segment in Stock Market

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Why Day Trading is More Preferable Segment in Stock Market

We know the market has several segments in which traders can trade, but which segment is more preferable, you must know. In this post, you will get to know the difference between Day Trading and Positional Trading Different people have a different choice when it comes to trading. One of the most beneficial trading segment is day trading. However, there is high risk in day trading but the following are certain benefits of day trading comparing to positional trading.

Day traders are allowed to grab the benefit of both rising as well as falling market. However, the positional traders or long term traders cannot hold their stocks for a long duration to make a profit from the bullish trend. From the falling stocks, a day trader can sell short and make a profit. But in case of positional trading, the trader can only do short selling in futures that requires high margin. Day trading needs low margins and offers more leverage on your trading capital. Large numbers of brokers offer 100 percent leverage and this means that you are allowed to trade with more amount than you actually hold in your account at present. Suppose you are having Rs 1 lakh in your account but with the greatest leverage, you can trade with up to Rs 2 lakh Rs in day trading. This can increase your profit by many folds.

If you trade with accurate intraday tips and be disciplined while trading then you get good returns. In day trading, all you need to do is to learn how to handle the intraday fluctuations of the market. Get free intraday tips from Money Classic Research.

So if you are also seeking to get high returns by trading then you must go for day trading. But it is recommended to take the help of renowned advisory firm so that you do not suffer from losses and you minimize the risk. We know that the day trading is high in risk, but at the same time, it has huge benefits. In day trading there is no overnight risk and this is one of the greatest advantages of day trading. However, in positional trading, there is an overnight risk. Day traders also have the greatest advantage of making a profit in any direction as discussed in the first paragraph.

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