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Gold prices might trade lower

Many technical analysts expect that the gold prices will trade lower as a selection of a hawk as the next Fed chair has become more likely after the list came down to Powell and Taylor. This factor would boost DX further that will exert the pressure on the precious metal….

Complete Forex Trading Guide- Few Useful Tips to Remember

Usually, people think that forex trading is about gambling or testing your luck at the roulette table. However, this is not the right way to think about trading. Trading is not about hitting the jackpot with a single lottery ticket. It is much more than this! Basically, if a person risks his…

Know Why Ambuja Cements Fell Down To 4% and ACC to 1.34 %

Here is the correct reason why Ambuja Cement recently fell down to 4%. On BSE, Ambuja Cement fell down to 3.79 % and ACC fell down to 1.34 %. On Tuesday, after the cement makers called off their long-due merger, the share of Ambuja Cement fell down to 4 %….

List of Stocks to Buy and Sell

Buy CRISIL It is expected 13-14% revenue CAGR over next 3-5 years, RoCE at 50%, and most of FCF to be distributed back to shareholders. Hence, you must buy CRISIL at the target of Rs 2241. Buy Phoenix Mills The Phoenix Mills, the largest mall developer in the country, won the…